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Hey. My name isn't important, i think. I'm 15 years old. And i'm in love. That's the most important fact. Yah, .. i'm so in love with this one boy. We were happy together, 9 months. But then i made the biggest mistake in my Life. I broke away from him. I don't know why. Maybe i needed my time. But this one month without him was really weird. I wasn't myself. Everything changed. I made many things, which hurted him. In this one month, i didn't though about the things i did. I tried to forget him. It was really hard and i don't know why i did these things. But everyone make mistakes. So, after this month i noticed that i love him more than everything else. . , that i couldn't live without him, that i need him. I came back to him. I talked with him about everything. I was so sorry about the things i did. I knew that it wouldn't be easy. But i loved him and i was all set to do everything to show him that seriously loved him. Since nearly 7 months i did it, and i still do it. It's really complicated. I really love him . And i'm gonna fight till i have no more force. Sometimes everything is okay between us. . but then, other times.. the memories come back and then he's weird to me.. and sometimes he hurts me. But that's okay, i think. I gave everything up for him, .. because i love him. And i don't regret it. He means so much to me. I can't live without him. I know so many people say that. . and i'm young. But my feelings to him are so strong. I never had so strong feelings for somebody. He's my first love.. and my only love. Although he changed. . He doesn't show me his feelings. He said he can't trust me. And it hurts . But i understand him. I hurted him.
I always though love would be stronger than anything else, but maybe i was mistaken.
5.12.09 16:39

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