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Why ? ..

I don't understand it. Why is everything so complicated ?
Why is everything so painful..? And why do i do everything wrong ? ..

Everything was perfect between us.
He said me that he would love me.
It was so wonderful. At this moment i was the
happiest person ever. *__* it felt so good to
hear these 3 words from him. So .. undescribable .
I was sooo happy. I'm always happy when i'm with him.
But in this moment i think my heart stopped beating.

He said that he has a good feeling, .. that it would maybe work between us. okay he didn't say it clearly, but he said he has a good feeling for christmas. that something good would happen.
And i think he meant that we would start a relationship again.
When he said it, i was *___* like wuawhawuhwauh.
GOSH, .. these feelings, .. when i'm with him. . are so CRAZY.
Really, i never felt this before. It's so... woawh.

Ouhw wait he's calling me.
12.12.09 23:14

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j. / Website (12.12.09 23:19)
why do you write your posts in english?

(14.12.09 16:50)
because, .. english is international.. and i don't know. i like the language. .

Tay (23.1.10 14:07)
but no one who is international even knows or could come to this site, I think. If you wanna be in an english community or something like that, you shoulda make a blog on wordpress,blogspot or tumblr. I think

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