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Wow. I don't know how he is able to do it, .. but he makes it. .
So often. , .. but i love him; .. so i forgive him, like always.
I love him too much, .. i don't see the mistakes, ..
although these mistakes are hurting me. i love him more than everything else. Sometimes i really ask me how it could come to this. Everything was so perfect. And now .. .__.
he loved me , .. more than his own life. he has done everything for me .. and i know i can't except these things from him after all i've done. but .. i think i live in the past. . sometimes i except little things from him .. but all i get are disappointments.
I really try to do everything perfectly . If i'm angry i don't show it to him, .. i just smile . i try to forget what he did, .. and it work. . just because i love him so much, .. I try to not do mistakes.
I'm trying to be perfect, .. for him. . and i don't except many things from him, .. nearly nothing, .. but he says that he loves me .. and then he makes things which are hurting me. i don't understand it .. and now i'm sitting in my room and crying, .. why it has to be so complicated ? .. i really love him. i do love him so much, .. but i don't know how , .. sorry. i'm too confused .. i can't write anymore .. it just hurts. sorry .__.
14.12.09 17:07

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