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A little smile on her face .. , .. ?

Mh, . . he suprised me. He came after school to me, .. and i looked like , .. i don't know, .. but really bad. . and he said i would look beautiful. . I think i was happy , .. to see him.
But i was also confused. Mh. I don't know what to think. . , ..
what to feel, .. what to do. . He went home before 1 hour.. and he let his sweatshirt here. (: Wuawh, . i think i'm gonna sleep with his sweatshirt, .. and maybe i'll wear it tomorrow in school. I don't want to go to school, .. but i have. ._. i should go to school, .. otherwise i miss so many new things, which we learn.
.__. i don't know. i'm actually really happy, .. i think. I'm happy that i could spent time with him today, .. but i can't show this happiness, .. i try to ignore it, .. because i'm afraid, .. when i show my feelings , .. i admit him to hurt me , .. but if i don't show him my feelings he'll think i haven't got any feelings for him, .. and then i'll lose him, .. and i don't want to lose him! I want to be happy, .. happy with him together. Maybe i should forget all the pain, .. and just see the good things . . I love him ._. so i should do it, .. just for him, . . .
16.12.09 00:19

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