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This day is so senseless . I feel really bad. I wasn't at school. I'm lying the hole time in my bed . . and i'm watching TV. Mhh. But i want to do other things. I should learn something for school, .. but i can't .. my thoughts are somewhere else, .. not here. .
I feel so empty, .. i don't know how to describe this feeling.
I'ts weird, ... i actually feel nothing. Everything go past me, .. and i don't realize it. It's like i'm not really here. My body and everything formal is here. , .. but my thoughts, feelings, .. my soul, .. everything inner is far away . . I don't feel anything, ..
just this emptiness. I hope it'll come away, .. this emptiness. .


I know my entry's are mh, . sad ? ..
But i haven't psychological problems ! ..
I'm normal, .. ! .. But at the moment ..
i don't want to talk with somebody about my problems.
So i write the most things here in this blog. .
and it helps me. I feel free, .. when i wrote these things here.
Because i actually really need someone to talk, ..
but i don't know if someone would understand me . .
and i'm not the person who talks about her problems.
i'm the person who tried to be strong, .. who shows everyone
always the positive site of her, .. who always smiles.
15.12.09 14:55

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